Increase Productivity

All our IT Services are designed around good foundations that grow with your business. Get rid of slow systems, frustrating processes and build a foundation around modern and effective computing. We give you the Advice to Adapt and Achieve

We’re here for you

We promise to be there when you need us, whether on the end of the phone or abroad on a business trip. Rest assured. Let’s step it up!

Best Practices

We’re actively testing new means and ways of doing things to work out the best method to achieve what you need to do. Feel free to run something by us. We love a new challenge.

IT Support Helpdesk

Our IT Support Helpdesk is there when you need it. Our bread and butter. Providing unlimited support via phone, remote support or at your office. We will support your Network devices from routers and switches to that box in the corner with flashing lights (nobody knows what it does…yet). Dispatch a technician when required to site and even supply 24/7 support when required (around the clock!). Pro-active monitoring is also in place to detect and remediate issues before they impact your business. We provide a contracted SLA response time to keep us on our toes and allow you to get back to it in a timely manner.

You may or may not want to know what we’ve dealt with during the month, either proactively or via support requests with your lovely staff members. We can do this by providing a meaningful (and understandable) report either monthly or during our planned  catch-up. Who doesn’t appreciate a good graph?

In the spirit of never settling we will assess and apply best practises to fit around your business, whilst recommending changes along the way with an understandable reason why.

Security is a big thing now (and more so in the future). We set solid security foundations from best practises, regularly applying the latest patches and updates (in a way convenient to you – no more reboots in the middle of the day for the latest update!). We also install, monitor, manage and fine tune our choice of antivirus and security solutions so you know you are safe from whatever flavour of the month virus or hacker-type comes your way. 

Office 365

Office 365 can truly become the epicentre of which you conduct business around. With Teams becoming the lifeblood many businesses have kickstarted “the new normal” by having daily video chats with the remote workforce, replaced internal emailing with quick and enjoyable 1 to 1 chats or even whole department teams channels – keeping in touch is a doddle. Files can be hosted and shared using Teams (which overlays with Sharepoint) to make secure, backed up remote working a reality. 

You get all the wonderful applications you’ve grown accustomed to (or in some cases grown up with – who remembers Clippy?) plus some you may not know about. MileIQ is included and makes mileage tracking and reimbursement so easy you can forget about doing it and still get accurate reports. Onedrive provides a massive 1TB of storage per user (enough to move all those files off the PC into the…Cloud – there I said it!) which is great for user files, with Sharepoint being great for company files. Goodbye fileserver.

Consultancy & Technology Roadmap

IT is ever changing, just like your business challenges. However one thing stays constant, and that is the goal. 

Our goal when providing a Technology Roadmap alongside our Consultancy is to help you make the tough decisions when it comes to planning your IT infrastructure to deliver, and compliment your Business plans and goals. Our planned regular meetings will keep both on course with each other resulting in both predictable costs and predictable performance.