It depends. That’s not a very useful answer we agree but we can certainly help guide you with rough pricing and what can increase/decrease the cost. IT Support and Service companies typically have 3 ways of pricing for support:

  • Per User
  • Per Device
  • A mixture of the above

The good news is that generally the more users, the more devices or the more complex your setup the higher the cost will be. And yes, the lower the users, devices and the simpler the setup the lower the price should be. Some companies bundle a lot of services together and others keep it barebones and charge separately for everything.

Our support packages are based on a per user basis and have been streamlined to keep the entry level price as low as possible, to which additional services can be added to when you need it. We still include what we would call the bread and butter services that we feel best suit our target audience. Our helpdesk services start from £30 per user with packages covering from remote and phone support to onsite and 24/7 support. It is important to understand what type of cover your business requires to have the right level of cover and keep additional costs for onsite visits down (if not included for example). Services such as Office 365 we price as a separate line item as not everybody needs or uses it, but also the licenses required really are mix and match to suit what your business requires. Some companies prefer to bundle the licenses into the user pricing but from our experience it can add complexity and a heightened sticker price.

Our security options are also a separate line item – ensuring our base tier is more than good enough for the majority of the businesses we support, but also offering higher tiers explaining the differences between them for an educated choice. These security offers begin at £6 per device.