Here is the big secret to keeping your business data secure

A data breach can be very severe for the owner or manager.

It could result in big penalties and loss of clients’ trust. And the cost of correcting everything back to normal is additional.

Eventually, it could lead to the end of your business. Yes, it happens all the time. 

However, while you have advanced security software, password managers and encryption, have you protected your business from the most significant threat?

What is the most significant threat? It is your employees. 

That is right. Unfortunately, your employees are one of the possible reasons for a cyber-attack on your business.

Since hackers are continually targeting all businesses, by using advance automated tools and sending numerous e-mails daily.

One-click on a wrong link and hackers are into your system.

The cyber-attack risk can be reduced up to 72% by regular security training for you and your team.

Sam James, owner and data security specialist at Fresh Tech.

You can substantially reduce the data breach risk simply by providing your staff with regular cybersecurity training.

But you would be amazed to know that many organisations are losing out on this crucial step in their strategy for business security.

Rolling the dice for sure.

I’m Sam, CEO of Fresh Tech, a local IT support and data security organisation.

Trust me if I claim that I have witnessed some terrific stuff that could have been avoided by appropriate cybersecurity training.

That’s why we provide this training.

We can assure that your organisation is as safe as possible against the potential cybercrime threat.

Hop onto a video call with me for 15 minutes. We can do a fast overview of your organisation’s cyber training.

This helps me to guide you and your team for the best training approach.

You can arrange it quite quickly. My real-time calendar is below. See and choose the date and time of appointment that you are comfortable with.

After we talk, there is no requirement to continue the training. And nothing to purchase.

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