Fresh Tech.

Here’s why more and more Shropshire
businesses Trust us

I’m South Shropshire, born and bred. It’s important for me to see local businesses take advantage of IT so the local area can thrive. We use our knowledge and enthusiasm of IT to help local companies achieve their goals. We secure their business data; build a system they trust and ensure it scales to keep up with business growth so they can get on with what they do best. 
Photo of Sam - Director of Fresh Tech

Our Founder

Hi! I'm Sam - Shropshire born and bred and I’ve always loved computers. Some of my earliest memories are of me messing about with our family’s old 2nd hand PC. It really was a rubbish machine but opened up the possibilities of computing to me.

As the years went by, the computers got more sophisticated, and my obsession grew. Any free time I had was spent either using a computer, or learning about them. I even built my own when I was 16.

When the internet became commonplace, my interest in IT deepened. The world opened up to me and I loved all the new things to learn and practice. You could say a career in IT was a fairly obvious choice for me. After studying computer science at the University of Staffordshire, I started off working as an IT consultant.

Since 2014 we’ve grown in exactly the way I’d hoped for. I have my own team now, and dozens and dozens of businesses in the area see us as a trusted IT support partner. 

My whole team are personally invested in each and every business we work with, celebrating their success as if it were our own. Because really, it is.
We know that we’ve played a part in helping each business to reach their goals and hit their targets. And that’s a great feeling.

Our Story

Fresh Tech was founded in Ludlow in 2014 by Sam James as Fresh PCs Consultancy out of a need to see the local area thrive. Businesses need to fully grasp the benefits that technology can bring to the table to avoid being left behind. We have continued to grow and expand since.

In 2020 we rebranded to Fresh Tech to fit in with our expanding role of not just PCs but everything tech that runs your business.

Based in Ludlow, with a remote team, we are able to provide a flexible and efficient service to Businesses in the immediate and surrounding areas and even further afield. Adopting the latest technologies in remote support and remote monitoring and management, as well as on-site visits, technology review meetings and budget planning, Fresh Tech will be your port of call for Business IT and Technology partnership.

Behind the scenes

Not yet part of the Fresh Tech journey (directly) we have my wife Megan along with our five year old Charlie. It sure is amazing how much kids today pick up and use technology without a second thought. Just wait till you give them a phone that isn't touchscreen!

We enjoy camping, running local scout groups and managing our excitable labrador (soon to be official office dog once it stops eating everything). I think one day we would like to upgrade to a campervan but for now we'll settle on airbeds that go down in the night.


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