Keeper Password Manager

Secure and Easy Password Management

Web Vault & Desktop App

What is Keeper and how does it work? Watch our Keeper 101 video below:

Keeper is simple to install, easy to use and you’ll be up and running in just minutes.

Your Keeper Vault

With Keeper, your passwords, logins and other personal information are saved in a private, digital vault. It is here where you can view and edit all of your website login credentials and details, as well as store important files and photos. This is what it looks like:

Master Password Login for Existing Users

Watch the video below for an overview on how to login as a new user and get setup in no time:

Device Approvals

Upon logging in, you may encounter a “Device Approval” request. If you are attempting to log in on an unrecognized device or browser, a device approval must take place before you can proceed to your Keeper Vault. Users have three methods of approval to choose from: Email, Keeper Push or Two-Factor Method.
Keeper Push is Keeper’s proprietary notification-based device approval system that sends a push notification to an existing, recognized device.
If you select Keeper Push, a notification (push) will be appear in your Keeper Vault on an approved device or browser.

Select Yes to approve the new device.

You must be actively logged into a different, recognized/approved device to receive the notification.

Once your device has been approved, you will be prompted for 2FA (if enabled), then you can enter your Master Password to proceed to your vault.

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