Boost Productivity in Your Shropshire SMB with Microsoft Teams Copilot

Boost Your Shropshire Business Productivity with Microsoft Teams and Its New Copilot Features

April 25, 2024
Teams is getting some Copilot-powered updates that will boost your business’s productivity even further. Here we tell you all about it.

If you’re keen to enhance your team’s productivity within your Shropshire-based business, you’ll be thrilled with the latest enhancements in Microsoft Teams, thanks to the new Copilot features.

Picture this: You’re deep into a Teams meeting, ideas bubbling up non-stop. With thoughts flying everywhere, even the fastest note-taker can’t keep up. But no worries – the Copilot feature is here to manage that for you. It can transcribe your discussions and grasp your live chat, then pinpoint and summarise key insights, making sure nothing important slips through the cracks.

But that’s not all. Ever wanted to take back a message and rephrase it? Copilot lends a hand there too. It can even offer a new message suggestion on the spot, potentially saving you precious time and mental energy.

For those routine phone calls, Copilot’s call recap tool is a game changer. Available to Teams Premium subscribers, this tool offers handy recaps, acting like the personal assistant you’ve always wanted (though you’ll still need to brew your own coffee).

Additionally, Microsoft has introduced IntelliFrame as the standard for video calls. Ever wondered what that’s about? It employs AI to ensure every participant’s video feed is clearly visible, ensuring everyone has their moment to shine during Teams Room calls—and no more awkwardly cropped videos or missing faces.

With smoother collaboration, insightful meetings, and Hollywood-style video calls, Microsoft Teams is set to transform how your Shropshire business communicates. We’ve been keeping our eye on AI in Teams for a while now – it’s exciting stuff!

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