Be more productive with these Microsoft Edge features

Enhance Your Efficiency with These Top Microsoft Edge Features

April 17, 2024
In the never-ending mission to be more productive, the latest Microsoft Edge browser could be a powerful ally. We’re telling you about 3 of its best productivity features.

Enhance Your Efficiency with These Top Microsoft Edge Features

For business owners and managers, the quest for enhanced productivity is ongoing. From speeding up operations to enhancing communication, every enhancement counts. It’s vital to leverage the tools at your disposal to their fullest potential.

Your web browser, often viewed merely as a portal to the web, can serve as a powerful productivity booster. This is particularly true with Microsoft Edge on Windows 11, which offers numerous features designed to optimise your workday.

Below, we explore five standout features of Microsoft Edge that could transform your productivity.

  1. Split Screen for Effective Multitasking

Mastering multitasking is crucial for any business professional. Microsoft Edge’s Split Screen feature simplifies multitasking like never before. This function allows you to view two websites side-by-side within the same tab, perfect for comparing content, conducting varied research, or monitoring multiple sites at once. It’s like running dual monitors without the extra hardware.

  1. Vertical Tabs for Better Tab Management

Struggling with too many open tabs? Microsoft Edge’s Vertical Tabs are here to help. This feature organises your tabs vertically along the browser’s edge, making it easier to navigate between them and access controls such as closing or muting tabs.

  1. Workspaces for Streamlined Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in any business setting. The Workspaces feature in Microsoft Edge streamlines this process by letting you create a shared collection of tabs that can be accessed via a simple link. This is ideal for collaborative projects, from brainstorming to presenting, enhancing teamwork without the hassle.

  1. Collections for Efficient Information Gathering

When it comes to collecting data from the internet, Microsoft Edge’s Collections feature offers a robust solution. Easily save and organise text, images, and videos from various web pages into distinct collections. This tool helps keep your research tidy and accessible, boosting your focus and productivity.

  1. Immersive Reader for Focused Reading

Distractions can disrupt your reading flow, making Microsoft Edge’s Immersive Reader an invaluable tool. It enhances your reading experience by eliminating distractions such as ads and pop-ups. Adjust text size, spacing, and colour to your liking, and use the read-aloud feature for an audio version of your content.

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