Windows 11 Update for Businesses

Boost Productivity in Shropshire Businesses with Windows 11 Update

March 14, 2024
Microsoft’s made another update to Windows 11, and while it’s a small one, it could make a big impact. We have all the details of what’s changing.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 update has landed, and it brings a subtle yet potentially impactful change for you and your team.

The update introduces a new home for Copilot, Microsoft’s clever AI assistant, positioning it conveniently on the taskbar. Gone are the days of searching for the button; it now resides at the far right, in the section we in the tech world refer to as the ‘system tray area’.

If you’re not a fan of Copilot, there’s no need to fret. It’s simple to remove it from the taskbar entirely. However, having an AI assistant readily available can significantly enhance productivity, so we suggest trying it out before deciding to remove it.

Before you dash off to see if your Copilot button has moved, let’s delve into the specifics.

This update, known as Patch KB5034765 (quite the memorable name), has been gradually introduced over the past few weeks.

But it’s not all about relocating buttons. The update includes vital security enhancements and bug fixes, one of which addresses a critical issue with Explorer.exe. This bug was causing some PCs to freeze when rebooting with a game controller connected.

It might not seem relevant to your business operations, but it’s always good to be aware.

Additionally, there was a fix for the slow announcements from Narrator, the screen reading feature. This issue has now been resolved.

While it may appear that this Windows 11 update is minor, it’s these small adjustments that can significantly smooth out your workflow and prevent your team from being disrupted by technical glitches.

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