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March 11, 2024
Which phishing scam are you and your employees most at risk from? We tell you about the most common phishing emails and the easy way to stay safe.
Protecting Your Business from Phishing Emails

Protecting Your Business from Phishing Emails

If there’s one golden rule for safeguarding your business data, it’s to keep an eagle eye out for phishing emails.

Understanding Phishing Emails

So, what’s a phishing email, you ask? Imagine a cunning fox disguised as an innocent sheep, craftily designed to trick its victims. These emails might look like they’re from a well-known company or contact, but they’re actually traps, baited with dangerous links, dodgy attachments, or requests for your private info.

The Importance of Knowledge

Remember, knowledge is your strongest weapon. The best defence against these sly tricks is to stay clued up. Let’s take a gander at the sneakiest phishing tactics from the past year.

Types of Phishing Scams

Big Fish

Top of the list? Finance-themed scams, gobbling up a whopping 54% of all phishing attempts. These cheeky emails might masquerade as invoices or payment demands, all to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash.

Hot on their heels are the so-called “urgent” notification scams, representing 35% of the total. These prey on your fear of missing out, with false alarms about expiring passwords or immediate actions needed.

Medium-Sized Ones

Here, document and voicemail scams are the main culprits, snagging 38% and 25% of attacks. These crafty cons involve misleading files or messages that could compromise your security if you’re not careful.

Little Nibblers

Though they’re less frequent, don’t underestimate the small fry. These include dodgy emails about benefits, taxes, job applications, and property deals. Still dangerous if you’re caught off guard.

Why Worry About Phishing Emails?

Why worry about phishing emails? Well, getting hooked can lead to financial ruin, data leaks, and a tarnished business reputation. It’s crucial to drill your team on the perils of phishing and bolster your cyber defences.

Your Best Defence

Your best shield? Awareness and alertness. By keeping informed, educating your staff, and enforcing solid security measures, you can protect your business from these digital predators.

We’re here to ensure businesses like yours remain secure. Unsure about your defences? Let’s have a chat.

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