Your company is wasting hundreds of hours a year on spam

Who wants to deal with spam? It’s not just the emotional pain of clearing it from your inbox. It's a real productivity killer, too!

Spam emails are a serious productivity killer. One report found that each one of your employees could be losing up to 80 hours per year, thanks in part due spam filtering and deleting – That’s way too much lost work time!

A recent study showed that any place between 45% and 85 of all emails being generated each day can be considered spam, which includes malicious or potentially infected messages as well!

One person may only get 30 external messages a day, averaging about 30 spam emails a week. This would mean 5 hours spent sorting and deleting spam a year instead of doing something productive (or playing with the office dog). The trend continues - 60 emails a day would equate to 11 hours a year and 100 emails a day would be an eye watering 80 hours! Multiply that by your workforce and the results are sobering.

Sorry to say but a larger proportion of these spam emails are not only productivity killers but also contain phishing attempts and malicious content. So not only a bore to deal with but can also serious threaten your data and systems.

You can reduce the amount of time spent on dealing with spam by using email filters. The first is to make use your provider's junk and/or Spam filters. Secondly you can consider using dedicated spam and phish protection tools (which 365 has included in some of their higher up licenses). Finally staff cyber awareness training will help your team members spot and deal with any dodgy looking emails without falling victim.

We can advise and assist with all of the above. Please feel free to get in touch!


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