Have you ever wondered if one of your applications is monitoring you? Now you can find out.

It's no secret that some programs are overly interested in us and what we're doing. We've all had this experience. You may be chatting with a buddy about a new product you'd want to test. Or perhaps you've mentioned somewhere you want to visit.

Then, when you log on the next time, you see advertisements for items similar to the things you were discussing. Is it a coincidence?

We haven't had much control over what data our apps gather about us until recently. Android and iOS first gave us more control over our online privacy by allowing us to choose which apps have access to our data.

While it is simple to believe this is an issue only with cellphones... Laptops have the same issues. So here's some fantastic news: Microsoft is working on a new Windows 11 feature that will give users control again.

The firm is currently testing a new feature, dubbed Privacy Auditing, which shows you which apps have accessed sensitive hardware like your webcam and microphone.

You'll also be able to tell if your screenshots, messages, or even your contacts and location data have been tampered with. And there's a log of which apps accessed this information and when.

The option will be accessible in your Privacy & Security menu, under App Permissions, once it's live.

You'll be able to view a detailed log of everything that has been accessed, by which app, and when. If you think there's any suspicious activity on your device, this should be your first stop.

When the function is launched, it will be a fantastic tool to use on a regular basis to keep you safe from fraud and to ensure that your critical information stays in the appropriate hands.

In the meanwhile, if you'd want someone to examine your business's devices' data permissions, please contact us.


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