Better Balancing IT Price and Value

It's universal. Saving money is a badge of honor. Even a millionaire can get a buzz from getting a bargain! Why? Because even the richest person recognizes their funds are finite.

Business IT decisions are often driven by the bottom line. It's easy to compare costs when considering different products or services. Yet value is harder to pin down. 

Value comes down to perception.

It's unique to each of us.

It combines the concrete with the experiential. 

It's dynamic.

Still, it's important to weigh price and value, with an emphasis on value, to make the best choice. 

Our ebook examines the price versus value balancing act. And what it means when selecting your IT or a managed service provider. 

Balance price and value by:

- Weighing risks and opportunities 

- Being smart about what attributes matter

- Determining what's really changed

- Considering the competition

- Weighing long-term strategy and asset lifecycle

Derive more value from your technology budget and reduce downtime risks working with a knowledgeable managed service provider. Learn more in our latest ebook: Let's Make a Deal: Evaluating IT Price and Value. Simply click below to get your copy!

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