Upgrade to a super fast SSD (240GB) for only ?100 fixed fee!

SSDs are the only way to achieve a computer boot up in literally seconds, instant snappy operation and a decreased chance of hard drive failure. They also use less power and generate less heat! As prices continue to fall, Fresh PCs want to extend an introductory offer to really show what SSDs can do for you! For ?100 (including VAT) we will transfer your data from your old, slow hard drive to a super fast 240GB SSD.

  • Faster
  • Cooler
  • Less power
  • Tougher
  • Brings life to an aging machine
Offer only applicable to those requiring less than 240GB of storage space. If you need more please contact us for a quote or consider relocating data to the cloud or an external device. If your current hard drive is failing or your system has issues we may need to carry out additional work for you to fully take advantage of what an SSD can offer. An initial inspection and diagnosis will be carried out. You have to have Windows 7 at a minimum (Vista and below not supported). Some computer processors are such a low level in terms of performance that they will bottleneck an SSD – this will be made clear after inspection.


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