Who do you trust with your data?

Who do you trust with your data?

Confidential and private information is a part of everyday computing from Business transactions, banking, emails and personal photos. You entrust all of these to whomever you leave your computer with.

Unfortunately eyes can wonder and personal information can be compromised. The person who is repairing or supporting your computer has total access to everything stored on there and is most of the time unsupervised and trusted to stick to the task at hand and only view information where totally necessary. Almost like leaving the decorators a key to your house whilst you go on holiday. As the Sky News video below demonstrates even supposedly established firms can and will take advantage of your personal data - looking at photos, taking note of passwords and other sensitive data. It has been witnessed in our area too - more than once!

With this in mind we feel it would be a perfect time to remind our clients (and others interested in securing their computer's data when relying on IT Support) why Fresh PCs takes privacy and professionalism seriously.

We are fully registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for Data Controllers.

Also know that cheaper is not always best. Certain pieces of software have a tendency to be offered a lot cheaper than what is possible. This is due to pirated software which most of the time contains viruses, rootkits and other nasty methods of stealing your data without you even knowing. This dodgy software has also been known to hack into your webcam (again using hidden software) so even you can be spied on. Seriously not worth scrimping on!?Usually quite easy to spot - 95% of "Windows Ultimate" we have encountered has been a non-genuine copy.

Another method used is breaking licensing agreements. For example license keys could be "borrowed" from another machine and used on yours - meaning your software license is invalid. They could even be taking a note of your software licenses to add to their inventory for a later date - essentially getting something you paid for - for free! And then selling it!

Not to mention the fines businesses face when associated with using illegal software. If you have any questions about data privacy, legitimate software or just need some advice please reach out to us. We can help! Give us a call on 01584 517234


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