Laptop screen replacement job just in..or is it. Customer’s laptop screen has started playing up and has tried a new replacement laptop screen to fix the issue – yet the problem was not resolved. So we took a look at it and found the fault is the LCD screen cable.


The cable itself had actually started to short circuit causing a fire hazard and potentially a lot more damage to the laptop. Luckily quite an easy and relatively cheap fix, but could have been a lot worse. The laptop was also overheating (80 degrees Celsius at idle!) so whilst it was disassembled we treated it to new thermal paste and a good dusting, which is good practise once a year or so (covered in our thorough health-check by the way!) as it can prevent serious damage and performance issues.

Quality thermal paste

The laptop now runs at 40 degrees Celsius which is normal running temperature and hits about 60 Celsius during our intensive benchmarking and stress testing procedure to ensure all is 100%. Finally we replaced AVG 2015 (expired) to one of our recommended antivirus programs which performs significantly better, contains less clutter and is all round a more professional product. We offer a standard annual license or our speciality – managed monthly subscription; where we run your antivirus for you (settings, scans and results) so we can ensure you are getting the most out of it. Usually this is only available to businesses, but we offer it to business and residential users alike!

Remember we have offices in Leominster (Herefordshire), Ludlow and in Pontesbury (Shropshire) so we are never too far away. Remote assistance is also one of our specialities so we can fix your problems to your convenience using the internet (where applicable).

See you all in the new year!

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