Ever had a call from Microsoft? The chances are extremely slim they would actually ever call you – in fact, the amount of hoax phone calls in the rural town of Ludlow alone is shocking. Typically an unknown call centre of foreign origin will call every number they can get ahold of, whether the “customer” owns a computer or not. They will then claim to be from “Microsoft” and claim something is wrong with the “customer’s” computer. Now you either own a computer or not. Chances are if you own a computer you eventually run into a problem and our hoax caller will be able to offer to fix the said issue. Or they lead us to believe so…

They are given remote access and start showing thousands of bad errors. Believe it or not, these errors are totally normal to the operation of your computer, but to the untrained eye it is rather intimidating. Fast forward to the end of the call, the hoaxer will ask for payment of a vast amount, falsely promising life time support. Now you either pay – they get your money (usually more than what they promised too) and they disappear never to be seen again… Or you don’t pay – and this so called Microsoft support proceeds to mess with the computer, potentially locking it out completely until you pay their ransom.

See the official Microsoft report here:?http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/security/online-privacy/avoid-phone-scams.aspx

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